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Johannys' Art reflects the Realm and Ecology in nature. She portrays her feelings and interpretations in painterly styles and techniques that can best reflect her message. Her passion ventures into the worlds of Impressionistic, Realism, Surrealism and Abstract paintings with Mixed Media. Her success is mirrored by the many exhibitions and satisfied clientèle throughout her long career. Her exhibitions were widely received with much success in her home town, Santiago, and other municipalities throughout the Dominican Republic. Here in the States and in New York her paintings are anxiously received for exhibition in well known galleries as well as in cultural sites in Westchester County,Yonkers, New York, where she resides and manages her studio. A Graduate from Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago, (UTESA) for Interior Design and Centro Cultural Dominico Americano, at Santiago, Dominican Republic for Art Painting Majors in Painting And Interior Design. After graduation Johanny began her true struggle to release her latent visions and feelings that affect her ever evolving nature. These reactions are reflected by the variety of Arts on Canvas and Mixed Media on Prestiges Art Papers, she has laboriously portrayed with passion. Johannys' Other true love, besides painting, is Interior Design. Her skill is demonstrated by her portfolio and from her clientèle who's demographic extent from private homes to corporate offices, restaurants and entertainment establishments.
Johnny Monsanto

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